Saturday, March 11, 2017

The VeesTees Store (updated 10102017)

From time to time I create T-shirt images for the characters.
Here are a few of them.
Addendum: For the purists in the group...

Copyright (c) ptheinb.   For your personal use only.  I'd expect a cut of anything else 😉


  1. Probably my favorite Easter Egg for the strip is a relevant T-shirt image.

  2. LEGEND:

    1- Anti-Trump image
    2- A suggestion that we clean up our language a bit when it comes to being respectful to the women of the world.
    3- As long as you aren't hurting kids - Live and let live
    4- Trauma service caduceus as biker tattoo - very inside joke to a very small demographic
    5- Gnu atheist
    6- A logo for our age
    7- Self explanatory
    8- The book of Genesis as edited by Pliny

  3. These images are harder to create than you might imagine. I could do faux designs but I enjoy trying to come up with something that is both a legitimate T-shirt idea and looks good from 8 inches down to 2-3 mm in some of the character images.

  4. I made a more "standardized" version of your outstanding Anti-Trump logo that I'm very tempted to put on a T-shirt. You could probably do well with either version on "Zazzle":

    1. Looks great and certainly would be easier to print. Have at it!