MY WORLD AND WELCOME TO IT (with reservations...)  UPDATED 04/11/2024

I took a few weeks off from engaging with the news and this blog.  Did some traveling and worked on a long-term project that looks to be coming to a head in the next few months.  Now I've circled back to consider whether to continue The Far Corner Cafe.  

I've looked at a number of sites that I've frequented over the years to see what I could learn or at least better understand.  Sadly, that exercise has left me feeling more alone than before.  None of the places I've visited actually reflect my world view.  Whether right biased or left, I find a lot of absolutism.  And I find that there is very little (other than devotion to family) about which I feel absolutist.

I believe the Second US Civil War began on January 6th, 2021.  Not sure at this point if the good guys will win this one.  Beyond that, I fear the US is locked in a death spiral created by a tradition of absolute freedom in the absence of individual responsibility and accountability. 

I've decided to continue in March if for no other reason that to fight against the absolutism I fear will be the end of us.

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