Sunday, January 1, 2017

Time for the Culture Wars to Turn Hot



  1. I encourage you to go to the Tea Party site that spawned this panel and read as far as you can before the bile taste in your mouth becomes intolerable. New policy this year - in the past I've mostly targeted bad ideas. This year bad behaviors and the bad people who display them are fair game. It is open season on professional liars.

  2. I've no idea what's going on here Pliny. Is there a link for me to go to, or have I not looked hard enough for it?

    1. Heather the link is the 'why we fight' phrase. Clicking there takes you to Pharyngula which has all the links about the topic including the original Tea Party claims. In reality, California has just pointed out that while the adults involved are vile, children in the sex trade are the victims

  3. No wonder you're outraged! I am too. I'm continuously disgusted by the desire of the far-right to punish people when it comes to anything related to drugs or sex. California has finally done the right thing here!!!