Saturday, March 11, 2017

The VeesTees Store (NEW DESIGN 12052022)

From time to time I create T-shirt images for the characters.
Here are a few of them.

Yin and Yang for the 21st Century
Probably as balanced as things will ever get in our lifetime...

Addendum: For the purists in the group...

And in response to some rather nasty Portland bashing (2018)...

Introducing the world's first transpolitical Tee logo

 New Civil Discourse Algorithm

Copyright (c) ptheinb.   For your personal use only.  I'd expect a cut of anything else 😉


  1. Probably my favorite Easter Egg for the strip is a relevant T-shirt image.

  2. LEGEND:

    1- Anti-Trump image
    2- A suggestion that we clean up our language a bit when it comes to being respectful to the women of the world.
    3- As long as you aren't hurting kids - Live and let live
    4- Trauma service caduceus as biker tattoo - very inside joke to a very small demographic
    5- Gnu atheist
    6- A logo for our age
    7- Self explanatory
    8- The book of Genesis as edited by Pliny

  3. These images are harder to create than you might imagine. I could do faux designs but I enjoy trying to come up with something that is both a legitimate T-shirt idea and looks good from 8 inches down to 2-3 mm in some of the character images.

  4. I made a more "standardized" version of your outstanding Anti-Trump logo that I'm very tempted to put on a T-shirt. You could probably do well with either version on "Zazzle":

    1. Looks great and certainly would be easier to print. Have at it!