Monday, April 1, 2019

Madison as Hell


  1. madison would have been hard put in any event, prior to the adoption of the Constitution, since there really was no "party" system. Washington was unanimously elected twice, so this conversation would have had to take place at least 8 years later and yes, by that time, there were definitely two parties - Federalists and anti-federalists headed, at least from the public viewpoint, by Adams and Jefferson. The point is, the Constitution which Madison wrote along with John Jay and Hamilton's input does not establish a party system of any time, rather it evolved as interests of the increasingly manufacturing North and the agrarian South diverged, along with controversy over the interface between states' and federal government's rights. Love your stuff, by the way!

  2. Thx. Yeah I play it a tad loose with the Founders insights though I do think they'd be more informed than our usual electorate even after all this time ;)