Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Oprah Hears a Woo

Oprah Winfrey is an amazing person who has done some amazing things.  For that I have the deepest respect.  Alas, since none of these accomplishments fall within the sphere of governance, none of these accomplishments make her the least bit qualified to be president.  (To be fair others seem to be openly promoting this agenda for now.)  The Presidency should be more than just another accolade or resume entry.

It is perhaps the most pernicious myth of the American experiment that anyone can serve in the government which has culminated in the disastrous election of the Donald of Orange.  We must avoid the folly and expediency of simply pitting one media savvy entertainer against another.  Particularly one who has shown, if not a similar disdain for inconvenient science, a worrisome level of credulity toward pseudoscience. We face huge problems as a nation and a species that require a firm foundation in critical thinking not charisma or a facility for myth creation.

Sadly Oprah has historically shown a certain affinity to the purveyors of Woo and provided them a bully pulpit through her powerful media apparatus.  A few years ago I poked a bit of fun her way with this attempt at satire. I have granted myself permission to republish it here...

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