Monday, January 29, 2018

Otto the Autochaperone


  1. VP Pence won't meet with women without a chaperone because of religious reasons. Much as I enjoy making fun, and the VP takes this to ridiculous extremes, there is at least a tiny kernel of something in the notion that it is harder for one to stray when one is careful not to place one's self in positions that provide the opportunity.

  2. Is that the Airplane autopilot?

    Re. Pence, it might seem a good precaution (esp. for those liable to give in to temptation) but when it includes any woman except one's wife, mother, sister or daughter, it strays into paranoia territory. I suppose it's the price one pays for living in such a suspicious-minded, gossip-filled religious community.
    Not a price I'd pay. I prefer good old-fashioned trust.

  3. Yep, that is the autopilot from Airplane!. I agree the chaperone thing is a overly puritanical but I think that being vigilant about putting yourself in potentially harmful circumstances is reasonable.