Sunday, August 18, 2019

Build That Wall!, Build That...


  1. Won't resonate for those outside of the PNW. Clark Co is north of the Columbia River across from Portland. Washington State and Oregon have very different tax structures. Upwards of 60,000 Clark Co residents commute to Portland to work each day - and about 10,000 Oregonians go the other way. The influx of cars pretty much makes the morning commute suck. A sizable number of Clark Co residents(not all of course) flood our commute, think Portland is the maw of hell, protest on our streets, support Trump, oppose the extension of mass transit across the river, and benefit from our services at a deep discount (Property taxes are Oregon's goto). Seems like the Trumpy's would approve of this kind of solution ;)

  2. FYI: that's the Interstate Bridge between Portland and Vancouver Wa and a section of the border wall being considered for the US Mexico border.