Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Inclement Weather


  1. This obscure joke hinges on knowing the name of the U of Miami football team and recalling the Donald's latest burst of idiocy.

  2. You need to be more precise with the clue - a time-stamp would have helped. 'Trump's latest burst of idiocy' is too vague, considering he has one every two minutes.
    But, yeah, a nuke might just spoil the game.

  3. I came down to help my parents prep their house.

    The new plan is, if we all aim every fan we have properly, we just might save that Miami team.

  4. AoS: good point. I may have to include a time stamp on my more obscure references.

    Mac: How the hell are you!? Still 2 wheeling around I hope.
    Hope the preparations do the trick. Looks like a very dangerous storm.

  5. I'm well!

    I've still got the bike, though I don't ride much. I keep busy, currently building a 'garage-majal' out here in the hills. Really, it's just someplace to park the toys, he with a tiny apartment above it.
    As it happened, the storm missed their area almost entirely. I'm still not happy an 82 year old woman thinks it's safe to try to stay home in a huge storm like that!

    I'm glad to see you're still here, and still hilariously on point.

  6. Thanks Mac - do you ever run into any of the other 'St Brian' regulars on your Internet travels?