Friday, January 22, 2021

Big Game


  1. Did anyone figure out the significance of the eight on the hunter's shirt? Typical sick Pliny joke.

  2. Replies
    1. Does not pay to know how the sausage is made.

      This one is obscure even by my lax standards and you have to dig deep into somewhat obscure trivia to get to the eye roll here ;).

      In many of my cartoons I try (with varying success) to have more than one layer - something fairly straight forward and sometimes a deeper groaner. This one starts with the groaner then really dives into obscure territory.

      I don't think it's news that Pliny does not care for trophy hunting. Pay enough money and you can 'hunt' almost anything. A lot of this type of hunting involves waiting at the bar until some guide sees an animal belly up to the watering hole and then deploying a heavily armed support platoon to face your thirsty prey with overwhelming firepower.

      Of course, while providing guide services and eagerly accepting the money of such men, my beloved Masters sisters strive for a different outcome.

      In this case #8 paid to hunt a tiger though in the typical monkey's paw realm of this strip he failed to clarify which tiger and finds himself facing a vintage German Tiger tank (the semi-obscure groaner part) in place of the Bengal variety (you'll have to trust me that this is a pretty good rendering of said Tiger tank).

      German tank crews in WWII sometimes painted rings along the barrel of the main gun for every enemy tank they destroyed. (the hook of a much earlier cartoon I did where two nervous hunters realized their blunder when they faced a bull elephant with similar rings on his trunk.) Here, there are 7 rings - and our new guy has #8 on his vest which does not bode well for a successful hunt (the deep sick puppy groaner).

      With only slight retrospection, Pliny may have made a tiny error in assuming that familiarity with WWII vehicle recognition is a given...

      But as I have said before - I work without a net.

      Pliny's brain is a strange place indeed - aren't you sorry you asked ;)

  3. I was wondering whether the mystery man was Tiger Woods or the Tiger King. My brain is still stuck in the Don Jr. trophy hunt mode where you take your celebrity friends along. WWII tanks are not my thing. Thanks for clearing that up. I don't always get your comics but I like to try. Mmmm, sausage...

  4. I've decided to add a star rating to my comics. One star for strait forward ones, two for huh?, and three for stuff like this one.

  5. Great! You can call it the Irisclara Idiocy Scale (are you smarter than Iris? probably)

    Please, don't feel like you have to dumb Venn down. That wouldn't work, anyway. I don't mind not getting the joke sometimes.

    1. I don't think that at all - this isn't an issue with intelligence - it's all about my odd sense of humor going off on tangents.