Monday, February 27, 2017

Death Panels


  1. One of the more deplorable tactics used against the ACA prior to its enactment was the 'death panel' meme. As a physician who actually read the details of the act, I found the provision encouraging talking with patients about advanced directives timely and appropriate. End of life conversations are difficult but are much harder when a family faces these decisions and no conversation has occurred. That's when many bad decisions are made. Of course the Repubs morphed it into something sinister.

    Of course now they plan to repeal it, replacing it with some half-assed alternative. If you have a pre-existing condition you'll pretty much be screwed - which makes these guys in the picture the real death panel who decides who lives and who doesn't.

  2. That meme always annoyed me too. The insurance companies were the real death panels. John Oliver has just done a good show about healthcare.

  3. Yeah watching that smug look on Ryan's face tonight - all I could do to not kick my TV.