Monday, February 13, 2017

It's Trumps All The Way Down


  1. No question but that facts can be misused. People on the left are concerned that acknowledging the facts of the biological basis of human sexuality will empower bigots to resist social engineering designed to expand the protections of law applied to another group of human beings (making 'we the people' ever more inclusive and less ironic in the process). So what! The facts of biology in no way alter our moral obligations to be more inclusive and respectful of a group of people.

    Same is true for climate denialism - The fact that some don't want to deal with the enormous economic and societal costs associated with addressing this danger doesn't alter the rate at which the earth is warming.

    Fact are facts - we the people get to decide what we do as a consequence not what is actual fact. Good policy can never arise from a bed of lies.

  2. It's been a fear of my for a long time that democracy is an inherently unstable form of government. The quality of candidates is determined by the rigor of the electorate.