Monday, December 5, 2022

FIVE: Trolley Problems


  1. venn makes a fine Ripley

  2. Alien or Aliens? Which is your favorite?

  3. While nuking from orbit would be more thorough, in view of recent events, it would be rather appropriate for the House and Senate Republicans to be run over by a rail trolley.

    How can one choose between Alien and Aliens? They are so different from each other, yet both perfect.

  4. Those are good points. Certainly Gorman turned out to be too inexperienced for the job. The Marines wouldn't be impressed with an office who panicked in the middle of a battle and left his troops to be rescued by a civilian.

    Not surprising that the music from Aliens has been sampled a lot. It was pitch-perfect too.

    Believe me, there are people who would go back for the cat. They probably wouldn't ever get jobs in space, though.