Friday, December 16, 2022

Re-defining Crass on a Daily Basis


  1. It has indeed been rendered obsolete. The whole day those NFT things came out, I kept half-seeing references to them and assuming it was some jokester parodying Trump for fun. I couldn't believe it when I realized they were real, that Trump had actually done this. Or that his gullible followers had actually bought the whole cringey inventory of the things.

    And that superhero picture of Trump is the most ridiculous thing in the history of the universe.

  2. The subject matter (art?) is appalling. Bt the way, you don;t actually chose which picture you get. They just pick one at random.

    Making matters even worse your $99 doesn't buy anything. You don't actually the item. As I read it you are not legally able to print the card out so you could frame it, assuming you lacked the good sense and taste to know not to do that. And, assuming you find a bigger sucker with a similar lack of taste to sell it to you have to register the transaction and give Trump 10% of the price.

    The lousy pictures are bad enough. The performative and worshipful subjugation to Trump, and thanking him for the privilege with your $99 amps up the unnatural act to actual perversion.