Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Number One


  1. Call it whatever you like - that's what's being done to the Ukrainians. You'll teach them to resist your dreams of world domination.

  2. Sadly, like many, I greeted the end of the First Cold War, not as a victory for America but for us all. We all had lived through it. I had nothing but respect for the accomplishments, resourcefulness, and rich history of the Russian people and hoped that we could move forward together in peace. For a time, it seemed like that was possible. Joint space missions, shared exercises, it all looked hopeful. Then Putin. His strategy seems to have been to take a page out of the autocrat's handbook on shifting blame from a corrupt bureaucracy to some notion of the nefarious actions of a foreign power. I hope the Russian people don't continue to fall for that. I suspect that they, like most Americans just want to live their lives with one less thing hanging over their heads.